23 November 2004

Spyware and adware can prove quite difficult to remove, even for dedicated anti-spyware scanners

Even the best anti-spyware scanner missed at least a quarter of stuff it should have cleaned up.

Another reason to put your trust in alternative operating systems, or one unburdened by proprietary hooks. And drop Microsoft Internet Explorer in lieu of Mozilla or Firefox.

1 November 2004

Meet the Votemaster

Webmaster for the popular electoral college vote poll reporting website unmasks his anonymity. And it's an noted Computer Science professor, who's famous for another reason.
I wrote MINIX, the precursor to Linux, for example. I also have experience designing Websites, for example, that of the Computer Science Dept. at my university.

Andrew Tanenbaum, who inspired Linus Torvalds, creator of Linux operating system.

Everyday, the site is updated and the most recent state-by-state polling numbers are tallied to show a presidential electoral college scoreboard. Here is what the map looked like on November 1, 2004.