20 August 2006

It's not a sacrifice. It's how we want to be living

For one family, living without a TV is the right program
"Living can be a tricky thing. There are a lot of things wanting our attention and allegiances. And often they aren't life-giving, leading us to a deeper, freer, more restful life. Television is not something that is life giving."

Not the first occasion I have written on this theme, but on a personal note, it is day 3 on a 30 day quest for my family we've pledged to give up television for 30 days. And after my contractual obligations with the good folks at DirecTV are met, we plan to permanently discontinue satellite service.

While, it's not a total viewing blackout — at this juncture, we're still availing ourselves of DVD movie library and video games, it's the first step in breaking free of a sort of electronic bondage. Not that I watch much network television, but increasingly, I've noted the the gravitation to a default act of sitting down to watch HD movies and to satiate post World Cup withdrawl with televised soccer games around the globe.

Thus far, it's not been much of a sacrfice for us, though I'll have to check back once football season begins (and then the one true sport, hockey, begins another season).