7 July 2003

You should only get AIDS and die, you pig

Well, that Michael Savage crack to a caller on MSNBC Savage Nation show cost him his gig. He's been canned.

I'm not surprised that he got the axe. I am astonished that he lasted nearly five months, given his penchant for bigotry and hate mongering. It shocks me that MSNBC ever awarded a show hosting spot to such a controversial figure who had a track record of issuing offensive slurs:

He has spoken of "the grand plan, to push homosexuality to cut down on the white race" (San Francisco Bay Guardian, 9/20/00). In his book Savage Nation, he complained that Sen. Hillary Clinton and Supreme Court justices Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Sandra Day O'Connor have "feminized and homosexualized much of America, to the point where the nation has become passive, receptive and masochistic."

Aside from being a homophobe, Savage has referred to women as "whores", Asians as "little soy-eaters", and immigrants or people of color as "natives of the Turd World". Here's what Mr. Savage thinks of those helping the homeless:

Discussing student volunteers distributing food to the homeless in San Francisco, Savage declared that "the girls from Branson [school] can go in and maybe get raped... because they seem to like the excitement of it. There's always the thrill and possibility they'll be raped in a dumpster while giving out a turkey sandwich" (San Francisco Bay Guardian, 9/20/00).

Not that I was a fan of the MSNBC Phil Donahue show - but Heavens Gate, how could the network execs dump their highest rated program and replace it with hate filled jabbering of a racist?

Liberal media bias my arse...