4 August 2003

Seabiscuit is mammoth audience pleasing movie of Summer 2003

Just about everyone loves to root for the underdog, to cheer for the undermatched or to champion the accomplishments of the disadvantaged. So it should be no wonder that theater audiences for Seabiscuit showings are erupting into applause even before the onset of final credits. It is a heartwarming tale where all the principal players, including the horse, all are physically handicapped, beaten down by life or been broken in spirt, yet all rise back up to hurdle over the obstacles life bestows in front of them. Each driven by passion, they in turn fuel the passionate desire of eachother in the backdrop of the Great Depression era.

Usually, I am not a big fan of the tear jerker, sentimental drama fare, and even Seabiscuit serves up sporadic doses of cheese. Still, this flick is in the must-see category.

Seabiscuit is a screen adaptation of a bestseller written by Laura Hillenbrand. The author's tale is an inspiring one also, on a scale larger than the ones the characters in her book endured. Battling a debilitating illness, it's been a herculean effort for her to live life, let alone pen a blockbuster selling book.