12 June 2003

Egypt Bans The Matrix Movie

Egypt's pre-screening "official" senior film committee has deemed the Matrix harmful and may cause troubles and harm social peace.
One Egyptian critic, Wael Abdel Fatah, said: "The press launched a campaign to stop showing the movie, saying that it reflects Zionist ideas, and promotes Jewish and Zionist beliefs."

So it was banned, because these 15 individuals saw it and think it's bad for the rest of Egypt. Now arn't they tainted by the violent content and religous themes?

7 June 2003

Atticus Finch AFI Alltime Top Hero

The American Film Institute list of the top 50 heroes and villians is out. Gregory Peck in his legendary To Kill a Mockingbird role nabs the the #1 slot. Top villian honors go to Anthony Hopkins famous Dr. Hannibal Lechter role in Silence of the Lambs.

Two films, It's a Wonderful Life and Silence of the Lambs have entries in the hero and villian top 10 charts. Mr. Potter, Clarice Starling, and George Bailey grace the upper slice of the list.

How Hans Gruber (Die Hard) could rank behind Bonnie & Clyde on the villian chart is puzzling. And Erin Brockovich on the list... please...
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