23 May 2007

White supremacists infiltrating law enforcement?

A breaking local story, Yavapai Deputy arrested on drug charges, omits much meatier detail.
Justin Dwyer, 39, a former leader in the neo-Nazi organization Aryan Nations

Followed by some even juicier revelations:

The Sheriff’s Office was aware at the time of Dwyer’s hiring of his former status with Aryan Nations.

And why haven't these questions been directed at the Yavapai County Sheriff's office:

Can anyone explain to me what the hell a sheriff -- particularly one with a jurisdiction, such as any in Arizona, where deputies will be in frequent contact with racial minorities -- is doing hiring a neo-Nazi goon (which is precisely what Justin Dwyer is)?

I mean, at a bare minimum, it displays incredibly poor judgment hiring a person of Dwyer's known character -- which has played out in fairly predictable fashion -- for a sensitive position of authority like sheriff's deputy.

But what kind of message is this sheriff sending to the minority communities in his jurisdiction, hiring known racist thugs?

Proof again, that racism is still prevalent in America.

Worse, why are the local news outlets not covering this aspect of this case, deliberately removing those pertinent details?