26 October 2006

Marvel at the moral chokehold the big right wing media players have over the mainstream media

A video of the vile Rush Limbaugh mocking Michael J. Fox and accusing him of faking his Parkinson's disease symptons in a Missouri political campaign commercial.

Here is the most popular radio host in the nation, again spewing hate.

Even local wannabees are joining the chorus, singing the same false stanzas.

Contrary to the charge that Fox might not take his medicine to enhance his symptoms, the medicine produces some of the uncontrolled body movements.

Maybe Limbaugh's act is the true "fake", where he purposefully is role playing a big fat idiot.

But I had the same thoughts as this blogger on the latest Rush escapade.

This character goes on the radio and cracks jokes about a man suffering from Parkinsons disease. Says he's faking his symptoms. Playing for the camera. It's right up there with your better jokes about, say, breast cancer or other knee-slappers like pediatric oncology.

In any other context this would be treated as a fatal breach of decency and taste. But he gets respectful coverage in papers like the Post (at least till someone there got wise and yanked the story). And in general the whole imbroglio is treated as Fox and his supposed symptoms and the Limbaugh backlash. And also, hey, Limbaugh said he was sorry for making fun of Fox's condition and now only says he's shamelessly exploiting his medical condition.

All the big names are afraid of him. He'll probably be back on Meet the Press before the end of the year.

Liberal media bias my arse