9 September 2004

The information in here was correct, but it was picked up from the real ones

The conservative echo chamber is reverberating with charges today that documents CBS produced regarding President Bush's National Guard service were forgeries.
As is standard practice at CBS News, each of the documents broadcast on '60 Minutes' was thoroughly investigated by independent experts, and we are convinced of their authenticity," she said.

The White House distributed copies of the memos, apparently dampening speculation they are fraudulent. But the copies are from faxes sent by CBS News yesterday.

Um, contrary to the freeper sentiment that proportional fonts did not exist until Microsoft Word, typewriters capable of generating proportional fonts existed way back in the 50s. And, I may be dating myself here, but doing superscript and subscript with a typewriter was indeed possible with such an archaic tool.

04-09-15 18:00 Update: The former secretary to the Texas Air National Guard who reportedly wrote memos critical of George W Bush says the memos are fakes, but the information contained in them was accurate.

6 September 2004

The Top 25 Censored Media Stories of 2003-2004

From Project Censored
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3 September 2004

Audience boos as Bush offers best wishes for Clinton recovery

Former President Clinton checks in to the hospital, Bush offers best wishes and the crowd boos.
President Bush on Friday wished Bill Clinton "best wishes for a swift and speedy recovery."

"He's is in our thoughts and prayers," Bush said at a campaign rally.

Bush's audience of thousands in West Allis, Wis., booed. Bush did nothing to stop them.

Or did they?. Many of the Bush faithful are up in arms, and letting loose a barrage of negative feedback against the AP news organization that apparently was the source of the story.

One individual has posted an audio clip.

Sounds like there were a chorus of boos amidst the cheering. At any rate, an audio recording isn't going to be gospel, as the audio could conceivably be totally different (or inaudible) at different microphone spots.

But I'm curious if the avalanche of bias cries is going to dictate AP retractions and/or apologies. It would surely show the power of this internet deal, even if it was an unjustified pullback. That is, supporters of the president, don't wish to be seen in a negative light, even if it's the truth. Again, it sounded like there was a smattering of boos I can't fathom folks crying "oooh" that loudly in response to such a statement. And it's hard to believe an AP reporter made the whole story up, in front of an entire audience. YMMV.
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