20 July 2003

Your Bid For a FOX Sports NASCAR Writing Experience?

When newspapers used to sell space in the newspaper, it was called advertising. Now it's termed a novel method of "connecting with the readers". used Ebay to auction off a NASCAR columnist and cover a race. The winning bid was $310. Actually, the practice is a recurring feature at

Well, considering that news organizations have been publishing PR releases verbatim, it's not surprising that "pay to publish" hasn't already become pervasive. What's next? Viewpoints and letters to the editor only to be printed when accompanied by a check? Slashing journalist positions and replacing with stringers willing to pay for the privilege?

8 July 2003

Michael Savage "Wiener" Outed

The virulent right wing talker, who just got dismissed from his MSNBC duties, has a little secret, according to this publication. Radar has posted some letters from Michael Wiener (Savage's real name) to friend Allen Ginsberg. Here's a photo shot of one of the letters ...

No wonder the venom. And it reminds me of that comedian Bobcat Goldwaith's bit where he says "I hate you because you're gay and I like you and you're pretty..."...
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