3 January 2006

New Year, New Look and Feel

As is immediately noticeable, I performed some cosmetic alterations to the AZplace look and feel. Not that the old scheme was without merit, just after a duration, familiarity does breed contempt. And I began to dread looking at the site, at least the front index page, as it did seem to be extraordinarily busy, and the reverse colored headers circa 2002. Still not sure about my font selection here, though it is a distinctive one.

AZplace originally started as an outlet for my own software creation, a wiki/blog hybrid. The site was not frequented heavily — until the Iraq invasion started, then a little page I started on how to read Al-Jazeera in English (I lost all the contents) generated an avalanche of reads and writes, spawning off on to multiple pages. The look and feel changed often, from first a light background, then a dark background. Here is a snapshot of the wiki in action.

In June 2003, I made the switch to the Nucleus CMS format, though I added all sorts of hooks and extra plugin code for additional features desired. My wiki software is still running, albeit as a ghost application now at ATITD Depot, hosted at this very own domain. So many projects, so little time… …eventually, the goal is to polish the product up and use it as a Arizona encyclopedia here. Anyway, here is a look at how the site looked for a long time, minus the recent font change and a few other tidings.

Which brings us to 2006 and no doubt more historical information that anyone cares to consider.