27 May 2005

Spammers Wrecked my Web Site

No, actually I broke it, due to changes I made to scrape and scrub the spam away. It looks like ever since I renamed one of the scripts here that performs the task of posting data to the database, the new account registration function broke. Additionally, in my set of verboten spam pastings used to filter out spammer post bots, I seemed to have triggered a syntax error that led to Trav's peculiar odyssey in posting here.

Well, I believe I've made the necessary fixes, and all should be copasetic in the kingdom of AZplace. If not, well, I hope I become alerted to the source of dismay in a more timely fashion. Or I should say sufficiently informed, as I believe I received reports that account registration wasn't working, but it took trav1bailey's comments to spur the root cause discovery and subsequent correction. Thank you Trav.