2 February 2008

Obligatory Blog Plug

Just another notification that as I've reserved this web space here for longer essays or topics of interest to Arizona folk, my post frequency has diminished.

But the "sister" (or "brother") blog to this fine internet publication,, is updated daily, with periodic posts throughout the day. A good chunk of the content there consists of links, thought-provoking quotes, interesting images, comics and engrossing videos collected from all around the global internet space. But, there are also plentiful pieces providing constructive commentary, beneficial blog blurbs, and even enduring essays with appeal to an all-encompassing audience.

And I've updated the "Links" list on the sidebar panel, adding some new Arizona blogs, as well as some other new friends. Some of the new additions you should point your browser (or newsreader) to:

  • EJ Montini — Long time Arizona Republic columnist
  • Espresso Pundit — Greg Patterson ruminates, mostly against "leftists" and Jon Talton
  • Jon Talton — Former Arizona Republic business columnist, now in Seattle
  • Rum, Romanism and Rebellion — No, not the slogan the Republicans used to slur the Democrats with in the 1884 presidential election, but a blog devoted to politics in Southern Arizona
  • The Edge of the American West — Delightful history professor blog
  • Wild Chihuahuas — Pico fights against the "fascist-racist-fundamentalist Right"

But please don't forget about these old favorites either:

Happy Super Bowl Weekend!