29 January 2008

Show me a sick metropolitan area and Iíll show you cowardly, stupid, crappy local media

Former Arizona Republic business columnist Jon Talton takes aim at Valley media. Talton has relocated to Seattle, and I was delighted to discover his blog.

Another blogger took it as another opportunity to once again elude logic and reason, to attack his long time nemesis Talton, who he's been stalking for years.

Talton was famous as the leftist business columnist who recycled the same three columns each week: Globalization is going to take your job, the real estate economy isn't sustainable and Arizona Sucks.

I love it how Patterson terms anyone he disagrees with as "leftist". Paul Craig Roberts, former Reagan assistant treasury secretary, as well as many notable conservatives (including Pat Buchanan, Bruce Fein, etc.Ö) have all written articles on globalization's devastation to middle class Americans. And the bubble has yet to burst on the real estate economy, but the storm is certainly visible on the horizon.