20 November 2007

Bill Straus on KTAR Again…

… Friday morning, Nov. 23rd, from 8:30am-noon on KTAR FM (92.3).
I’m sending this to a whole lot of folks whom I felt would be interested. I was invited to sit in this Friday morning, Nov. 23rd, from 8:30am-noon on KTAR FM (92.3), and I simply couldn’t turn down the opportunity. Should be a lot of fun.

Definitely, make a point of tuning in to the legendary Phoenix radio host…

7 November 2007

John was a great guy that lived on the edge and on trade

Long time Phoenix radio legend John Dayl passed away last weekend. I caught note on the forum board, but didn't see any "official" news account until today on the KFNX 1100 AM web site.

John was one of my favorite local radio talkers, even if as one poster put it, "much of what he said on air could be debunked with a simple internet search". Nevertheless, he was respectful of callers, and a genuine treat to listen to. The last few years, Dayl had been relegated to weekend duty, but always enjoyed a loyal Valley following who would bend the ears of radio program directors when they canned him. And frequent dismissals indeed he encountered — probably only Charles Goyette has served at as many local Valley radio stations as Dayl did.

I remember when I first heard Dayl — I had been living in Arizona less than a year when that the first Gulf War was fought. John was arguing against the war, taking on dissenting callers, and I thought it was a ballsy stance, given that ~90% of Americans backed the effort to dispel Saddam Hussien from Kuwait. John spoke his mind, and was far from political correctness. I don't think there's another radio host in 2007 that refers to women as "broads".

I reckon the creek has risen… …R.I.P. John Dayl…