13 August 2007

Stop whining and start your own company and exploit cheap foreign labour

A comment was made in this internet space recently, on how there has been no mention of this striking video of immigration lawyers instructing how to implement a "not hire an American but earn by scoring an immigrant for the position" scheme. Well, I have written on the matter at a regular interval the past 5 years. So I wish not to keep repeating the same points, or else I must compose them in a radically more effective frame.

Anyway, here is another short clip a matter closely related to the aforementioned immigrant lawyer coaching confessions, focused on fraudulent visa applications. See, this is the terrible part about corporatocracy and a half way immigration legal framework. It's exploitive, financially damaging to American workers, but far worse, in the aggregate, it actually entails a burgeoning middleware layer. Encouraging earnings to accrue to those adept at exploiting others, not to the knowledge workers (or manual labor workers). Excessive monetary rewards and/or illicit bribes flow to middlemen who have a vested interest in taking advantage of lessened worker protections, near immunity to prosecution, and global currency arbitrage. It extends and promotes further gross wealth inequality. Wealth inequality by itself is not necessarily evil, but when half of the world lives on less than $2 a day and does not have access to clean sanitation, it's a tragic injustice.

High tech companies, construction firms, domestic service industries all proclaim a desperate shortage of workers. But simple economics displays this to be a deception — if the demand was greater than the supply, then rates and wages paid would be increasing at a significant rate. And we know that just isn't the case.

Though some would say "No American has a God-given right to a job".

If there is to be immigration, should it be totally open? If not, what is the gatekeeper litmus test? Is it only the best and brightest that are permitted entry? Or maybe a lottery system. Until these questions are answered, the broken system that exists now will continue become more diseased. Plagued with corruption and choked with thorns of oppression, in an orgy of bottom feeding.

Even if one is not swayed by pleas over the plight of poor pitiful programmers, remember, that such a scheme could be applied to any career path. That technology fields possess a seemingly ready state for such plucking because of the interconnectedness they provide doesn't mean other professions are immune. Presently, other job categories have been affected — teachers, nurses, blue collar jobs, etc.…. Consider the working age population of Asian nation states China and India, nearly 10 times the size of the U.S. worker set. Potentially, 10 alternate candidates are available for every U.S. worker. The ratio is still a hefty six to one if just college graduates are considered. Virtually all could face replacement from workers willing to work for less pay.