22 August 2007

Links that go nowhere

Memo to Arizona Republic web site minder, or web master, or whatever such individual title assignment is apropos: your web site is a mess. At least when it comes to finding content that's of the user interaction, or to apply a cliche moniker, social networking feature set. It looks like blogs and reader feedback forums are being rearranged, but there are links galore to Arizona Republic bloggers that result in empty pages. Or just as bad, present older content from months ago as fresh stuff. For example, clicking on any of the "blogs" links on your news section, displays an empty "members" page. Perhaps all blog discourse is to be routed through your aztalk section, but even there, strewn about dead end links inhabit the page. And there's no consistency, as your pages are literally crammed with redundant links and annoying advertising.

No doubt the aversion to simplicity is shooing viewers away. A shame because there are so many eyeballs that could be captured and monetized to help pay for the cost of creating content for viewers.