23 September 2005

Praying For Famous People

Earlier this week, Monday 9/19, I happened to hear the KPXQ 1360 AM Andrew Tallman show where the topic was Christians praying for famous people, most notably, actors like Sean Penn, Tim Robbins, and Susan Sarandon, who have been outspoken about their opposition to the elective Iraq invasion. And while I have been generally pleased with the Andrew Tallman program, I found this particular show to be offensive and catering to the basest of bigoted thought patterns and political prejudices. In a nutshell, it served a perfect illustration of why many are revulsed with the over the top sanctimonious hypocrisy displayed by many in the Christian community.

I attempted to phone in and present a counterpoint, but was instructed that I had to pray for somebody, and for which I replied that I would pray for world political leaders, but was informed that only actors and other media personalities were valid to prayer targets for the show, and consequently, my call was not going to be taken. Which struck me silly, as it is predominately political leaders that exert significant influence over lives and are the active agents that presently place, in many cases, profits over people, expediency over justice, scapegoating over real reform, and elevate image above the truth.

The framing by the host was totally one-sided, and did not grant consideration that many actors and media stars, deliver blasts from the "righty" side, including our nation's 40th president and the current governor of California, who really didn't exactly display shining examples of model Christian life. Mr. Schwarznenegger has a long history of adultery, sexual harrassment, and a deplorable account of paying hush money to keep quiet charges of statutory rape. Reagan, heralded in the mainstream media for religious convictions, it turns out, was more a creation of skillful handlers and the image was crafted for a man that really wasn't that devout of a Christian — he did not attend church once while he was serving as President.

Meanwhile, the host proffered a diatribe eliciting dime store psychology of actor motivation for public discourse that failed to acknowledge that this sort of behavior exhibited by blockbuster actors really is no different superstar athletes, computer software moguls, internet millionaires, rock stars, legendary writers, famous artists, etc.… And it was a rant that omitted the obvious — that anyone who's attained more than a modicum of financial success and gained social stature is going to feel unrestrained in speaking out against injustice or perceived ill state of the nation or to broadcast just about any personal peeve. Go peruse the blog of any dot-com millionaire and you'll quickly discover an array of arrogance, self-righteousness, proposed solutions and shared philosophy for success.

And I'd say that Sean Penn has a greater qualification status than Mr. Tallman or many other Americans who remain, for the most part, totally ignorant of the Irag goings-on, to write about and discuss the elective U.S. invasion of a country that posed no threat. It should be considered a blessing that such individuals apply their money and resources to address global injustice, instead of confining their destiny for down the drain drug abuse or other self-abusive behavior that belabor many others in that career walk.

If there is a grievious error that the contingent of Tim Robbins, Susan Sarandon, Bruce Springsteen, Martin Sheen, Danny Glover, and whoever else have committed, it is that they uncork their passion and views too spontaneously — lefty actor activists, delivering heart felt soliliqoys actually often sabotage their own causes, and would better serve their movement by applying and directing their resources to those who can much more effectively administer and direct such campaigns.

Still, I will throw a plug out for Andrew Tallman show, it is heard 5pm - 7pm, Monday thru Friday on AM 1360 KPXQ. Though, it is a talk show for a Christian audience on a Christian talk station, where some of the syndicated hosts are way out there. Outside of a few shows where the dogma gets really deep, the framework and tone of the program is one of a open dialog, with some thought stimulating topics.

21 September 2005

Leibo gone

David Leibowitz departs from KTAR 620 AM morning drive time and is replaced by syndicated conservative talker Tony Snow.
David Leibowitz' last show on KTAR was today, September 20. David and station management have mutually agreed that this is the right time to part ways and pursue new opportunities.   

In addition, NewsRadio 620 KTAR announced that Ted Simons will now fulfill a dual role at the station. Besides co-anchoring "Arizona's Afternoon News" with Heidi Fogelsong, Mr. Simons will host his own talk show from 1-4PM.

While I've directed some harsh words at David for his neconservative dupability, his show provided coverage of local goings-on like no other in the Valley, and substituting another shrill Rush wannabe does a grave disservice to the Arizona radio audience.

Good luck to David, and I'm sure he's going to be successful in whatever future endeavor, be it another radio gig or any new career realm he enters into.