5 May 2004

We're probably going to get beat down for helping him

In between tangling with enemy rappers and pimping his juvenile prisoner bury the indigent program, the notorious Sheriff Joe Arpaio has been doing battle with webmaster Jim Cozzolino, who is the proprietor. Previously, the good Sheriff deployed the Threat Squad to snuff out forum board posters there spreading ill news of Arpaio and his exploits. But the latest ordeal involves Cozzolino's incarceration for an illegal firearm discharge offense and a campaign to dish out a lot of ill fate to an outspoken critic.

I've not kept close tabs on the Sheriff Joe Watch, but this story on Arpaio vs. Cozzolino was troubling to me, at least if the charges Cozzolino states are true. What an abuse of police power, to arbitrarily inflict punishment based upon false pretenses.

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