14 April 2004

But this is Hank Aaron if he wont dignify the occasion, why should we?

David Whitley ponders why Hank Aaron won't "dignify the occasion" when (and if) Barry Bonds breaks his all time homerun record.
So it was striking recently when Aaron announced he planned to violate sports protocol. He will not be in attendance when/if Barry Bonds breaks his all-time home-run record.

Im gonna wake up at 6 oclock and go fly out to San Francisco? Im not gonna do that, Aaron said. I wish him all the luck in the world, but I have no intention of being there.

Eh, but Bonds still has a big fat zero in one very important statistic - number of world series championships. I don't care how many homeruns Bonds hits, he couldn't even tie Roberto Clemente's shoelaces.