18 November 2003

Salon Day of the Dead Wins 2003 Online Journalism Award

In the "feature journalism" category for a story on the mysterious deaths of hundreds of women in the border town Ciudad Juarez.

Read the full the list of awardees here.

4 November 2003

PR Specialist of Debunked Persian Gulf War Incubator Story Promotes Book on Jessica Lynch Rescue

Weapons of Mass Deception author John Stauber connects the dots in the public relations campaign to promote the Jessica Lynch story. And tells of how the same folks who spearheaded a PR blitz for the first gulf war that included shocking but completely phony testimony on Iraqi soldiers murdering Kuwaiti babies are behind the Private Jessica propaganda.

Stauber has performed some interesting muckraking on the doctor spirited out of Iraq and given a cushy lobby firm post.