23 August 2003

State of Talk Radio in the Valley 2003

With KXAM bowing out of the local talk radio racket, only the two big honchos remain - KTAR and KFYI. Meanwhile, KFNX starts to fill its schedule with notable personalities including Sheriff Joe Arpaio, Betsy Bayless, Dr. Mike Newcomb, and KXAM emigre Ernest Hancock. Quirky KXAM is transforming into an all-G-Gordon-Liddy station with ample helpings of brokered programming to ensure listener dyspepsia. The KTAR lineup remained intact, with the only change the adding of a permanent slot for Ted Simons in the afternoon. KFYI shuffled its lineup - Heidi and Haywood were dumped and Goyette was relegated to night duty. Tom Liddy and Austin Hill snag the coveted afternoon drive time slot.

I've sampled all the local radio fare, and once again will share my gradebook with the online world. I realize there are a few other talk radio stations in the Phoenix area - KKNT (960 AM), KXEM (1010 AM), and KMYL (1190 AM), but I believe their programming schedules consist solely of national/network programming and/or infomercials. If I am incorrect, please tell me. A schedule of all the Valley radio programs may be found at Bradley's excellent Jabbertalky listing.

Now, let's dive into the rankings...
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