5 June 2003

Welcome to the new look AZplace!

Welcome to the new and improved AZplace!!

No, I am going to preserve the Wiki stuff too - some of the content will be moved onto this here new deal, but for much of it, the online realm will be best served if it is discarded. I still haven't abandoned the Wiki concept, just realized it isn't best suited for material that fits better into a web log format.

ATITD Depot is still up, serving as an example of my PHP authoring skills.

1 June 2003

About AZplace

Blog about politics, computers, technology, radio, Arizona, science, justice, war, world affairs, globalization, economics, sports, history, and whatever else catches the fancy of me or other contributors.

I am Naum, amateur writer and rabble rouser, professional programmer and website developer. I have a bachelors degree in Computer Science, and minor in mathematics, and that renders me totally unqualified to lecture on any subject other than programming computing machines or the wonderous sport of hockey.

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