30 July 2002

It's All the Liberals' Fault

Sorry, I just gave away the ending to Ann Coulter's bestseller Slander, Liberal Lies About the American Right. Her new book has stirred it up, from the flocks of freepers to the fawning Fox News figureheads who proudly march behind their annointed conservative diva to the assaults from the apostles of the left. Basically, the way I read Coulter is that if you disagree with her, you are a hate filled liberal. William Safire is a liberal because he voted for Clinton, Warren Buffet is a liberal because he opposed Bush's tax cut, NE Republicans are liberal, anyone who is pro-choice is a liberal, etc. ... And if you are a liberal, it means:
  • You're hateful
  • You hate America
  • You hate Christians
  • You hate all religions except Islam
  • You're elitist
  • You're racist
  • You like criminals
  • You hate police
  • You have contempt for the middle class
  • You're a snob

Heck, that's only in the first two chapters. I'm not going to mention the inaccuracies and fabrications within this tarnished tome - others have already dissected the foibles. Bob Somerby of The Daily Howler has penned an entire series, following all of the footnotes and examining the credibility. He claims she's made up the Lexis-Nexis numbers and/or outright lied. Also, many examples of how she demonically twisted things out of context are unravelled. And the freepers are going ape over a two part piece by Richard Roeper of the Chicago Sun-Times on the errors and invective in her work. Roeper's first column was titled 'Ann Coulter, Meet the Truth Police'. Dismissing those charges (you can judge on your own merits) for the present time, one of my big issues with her ranting is that anybody can randomly select some vitriolic words and construe them to make whatever argument desired. Without context, words can be misunderstood. It's like that Simpsons episode where Homer goes on the Rock Bottom show, and they splice the video bits to make him appear guilty. Coulter is performing the same trick.
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15 July 2002

Rodeo Fire Photos

Photos from firefighter Terry Anderson, who was able to get some closeup shots that even the media were not permitted access to. The Rodeo Fire was the largest fire in Arizona history and the fourth largest fire in US history.
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10 July 2002

How the Bush Family Wealth is Linked to the Holocaust

Clamor, an alternative news magazine, has published an disturbing piece on Prescott Bush and his involvement with Nazi Germany. Of course, Bush was not alone in trading with the enemy, for quite a number of American firms, including IBM, GM, Standard Oil, etc. aided and abetted Hitler's monstrous racial purification machinations. But it appears that the Bush family involvement was greater than originally acknowledged. Intricate money laundering schemes and clandestine control were employed, just as in the case of IBM and Watson.

But while President Bush publicly embraced the community of holocaust survivors in Washington last spring, he and his family have been keeping a secret from them for over 50 years about Prescott Bush, the president's grandfather. According to classified documents from Dutch intelligence and US government archives, President George W. Bush's grandfather, Prescott Bush made considerable profits off Auschwitz slave labor. In fact, President Bush himself is an heir to these profits from the holocaust which were placed in a blind trust in 1980 by his father, former president George Herbert Walker Bush.

Throughout the Bush family's decades of public life, the American press has gone out of its way to overlook one historical fact – that through Union Banking Corporation (UBC), Prescott Bush, and his father-in-law, George Herbert Walker, along with German industrialist Fritz Thyssen, financed Adolf Hitler before and during World War II. It was first reported in 1994 by John Loftus and Mark Aarons in The Secret War Against the Jews: How Western Espionage Betrayed the Jewish People.

A classified Dutch intelligence file which was leaked by a courageous Dutch intelligence officer, along with newly surfaced information from U.S. government archives, "confirms absolutely," John Loftus says, the direct links between Bush, Thyssen and genocide profits from Auschwitz.

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2 July 2002

Bush to Chase After Corporate Evildoers?

Paul Krugman is quickly becoming one my favorite columnists. He's on the mark again, first with a column detailing the flavors of fraud, using an ice cream parlor analogy to explain the business scandals committed by Enron, WorldCom, Dynergy and Adelphia. His most recent column details Bush II's shady past as a corporate executive at Harken Energy who engaged in the same kinds of accounting "irregularities":

Now to the story of Harken Energy, as reported in The Wall Street Journal on March 4. In 1989 Mr. Bush was on the board of directors and audit committee of Harken. He acquired that position, along with a lot of company stock, when Harken paid $2 million for Spectrum 7, a tiny, money-losing energy company with large debts of which Mr. Bush was C.E.O. Explaining what it was buying, Harken's founder said, "His name was George Bush."

Unfortunately, Harken was also losing money hand over fist. But in 1989 the company managed to hide most of those losses with the profits it reported from selling a subsidiary, Aloha Petroleum, at a high price. Who bought Aloha? A group of Harken insiders, who got most of the money for the purchase by borrowing from Harken itself. Eventually the Securities and Exchange Commission ruled that this was a phony transaction, and forced the company to restate its 1989 earnings.

But long before that ruling — though only a few weeks before bad news that could not be concealed caused Harken's shares to tumble — Mr. Bush sold off two-thirds of his stake, for $848,000. Just for the record, that's about four times bigger than the sale that has Martha Stewart in hot water. Oddly, though the law requires prompt disclosure of insider sales, he neglected to inform the S.E.C. about this transaction until 34 weeks had passed. An internal S.E.C. memorandum concluded that he had broken the law, but no charges were filed. This, everyone insists, had nothing to do with the fact that his father was president.

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