27 June 2002

Supreme Court OKs School Vouchers

States may give parents money to send their children to religious schools, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled Thursday in a decision that could transform the nature of education in America. The 5-4 ruling represents a significant lowering of the wall between church and state. It is likely to ignite debates among school boards across the nation over "voucher" tuition programs that some see as glimmers of hope for low-income students in troubled school systems, but that others see as threats to America's public school tradition because they divert taxpayer money to private institutions.

A big blow to the children of poor and working class parents - the SCOTUS ruling now sanctions the use of monies that should be earmarked for public schools into religous institutions or privatized for-profit schools. Another wedge of inequality inserted into the fabric of society and another harmful hit to the hallowed concept of separation of church and state.
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