26 December 2001

Some Liars are More Equal than Others!

Bill Clinton was impeached for lying under oath, right? For lying in a deposition that was later found to be irrelevant to the case and inadmissable - the case itself was soon dismissed as bogus. Now, consider the "funeralgate" saga of Service Corporation International accused of reprehensive acts - desecrating graves and destroying human remains ...

Distraught families filed a class action lawsuit on Wednesday in a state circuit court in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, accusing Menorah Gardens and Funeral Chapels and its parent company, Service Corporation International, of desecrating graves and destroying human remains.

The lawsuit alleges that people were buried in the wrong graves at Menorah Gardens cemeteries in Fort Lauderdale and West Palm Beach without their relatives' knowledge.

It said cemetery workers broke open some burial vaults and dumped the bodies in the woods, and crushed down other coffins to make room for new coffins on top of them.

SCI ties to the Bush family are long and deep, and George W. Bush was required to testify in Texas for the same allegations. An SCI attorney says Bush talked to him about the state agency investigation - according to Johnnie Rogers, he delivered a letter from Bush demanding an end to the investigation.

Hmm, so it's wrong to lie about marital infidelity but lying under oath to hide a coverup and protect important campaign contributors is O.K.? I can't believe people who try to tell me that Bush is any less corrupt than Clinton ...
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6 December 2001

If he doesn't eat, that's OK, it saves me . . . 40 cents a day

Federal prosecutors want to force-feed a former Tempe man who has been on a month-long hunger strike to protest his arrest in a worldwide anti-terrorism sweep last month. Peter Sexton, a U.S. assistant attorney, told a federal judge Monday that the government plans to file 20 more counts Thursday against Malek Seif, 36, and wants him to be healthy for a trial tentatively scheduled for about 30 days from now. Those charges would include stealing an identity and loan fraud.

The story has caught national attention and was the topic for discussion on the KTAR David Leibowitz program today. Mr. Seif is a French citizen originally from East Africa. Though suspected, he has not been charged with a crime related to the 9-11 attack, but was arrested in October for five felony counts, charged with providing false information to the Social Security Administration in 1999 and to the Federal Aviation Administration last year on questions about his name, ancestry and birthplace.

Should the federal government be able to force feed Mr. Seif and thus force an end to his hunger strike? Or should he be allowed to starve himself to death like legendary IRA hunger striker Bobby Sand in 1981?

And then there is the spectacle of Sheriff "PornoPurveyor" Joe, bragging about the 40 cents per day being saved ... Though, Arpaio did meet with Mr. Seif and reportedly attempted to persuade him to eat ..