16 July 2001

State of Talk Radio in the Valley

Sad. Sorry. Pathetic. On Wednesday of last week, KXEM 1010 launched its "new, exciting" talk lineup. Hmm, only one show, Savage Nation with Michael Savage (see Jabbertalky) - another national show with a right wing ideologue that delights in berating callers for the amusement of himself and his audience. The remainder of the day on KXEM (all except 4p-8p) is devoted to AP news headlines.

Meantime, it's the third week for new KXAM host Gary Segerstrom and I haven't read one remark positive or negative here about the new "Afternoon Show". At least Debra Rich generated a firestorm of negative feedback - while with Gary's show I guess the only question is which other KXAM employee will be the guest today.

Well, what are your thoughts on Phoenix area talk radio? I've ranked all the local hosts, and offered my thoughts and commentary on their respective shows. Are you satisfied with the present talk host lineup?

Here is my ranking list for the local hosts. In a future article, I'll run down all the national hosts, including all the daily fare on NPR, Rush, Jimbohandin, etc. ... In no way is this a scientific survey - it's just a matter of educated opinion.
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