18 June 2001

Hey Mo! Knock it off - you're full of s&*%

Mister "moonpie" Mohan in the morning on KFYI played a tape of a voicemail left by a representative of the sheriff's public relations office, Dave Trombi. The profanity-laced recording layed into Mo, saying that Mohan was speaking falsely about the jailcam showing women on the toilet, and that his station needs to "lay off" the sheriff's office. KFYI, without the Clintons to bash now, has been focusing recently on Joe's jails, with the McGee beating recently and the women's jailcam issue. The call ended with an imperative to "knock it off" and a warning that "we'll (Sheriff's office) do what we gotta do" ...

Is Mohan "whining like a baby" and using his host position to bully the sheriff office? Is he a "sniveling wimp" that should devote more attention to "real" issues?

You go Mo! ...

6 June 2001

Mister Mo in the Morning Missing the Meaty Topics

Mister Mohan in the morning on KFYI must be missing Clinton and his minions ... his topics today started with the Blockbuster Video offer to settle class-action lawsuits for charging exhorbitant late fees by sending out millions of coupons good for free video rentals. And then he commenced to engage in some more SUV bashing, this time ridiculing the newest craze of SUV strollers, and the yuppie fools that are purchasing them like hotcakes ...
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